Danielle bought me a ton of Werther’s Originals and I’m taking a few with me everywhere I go just to be more like Dumbledore.

Why does no one talk about how Frozen begins with an image of a blurry man standing above us who then penetrates what separates us from him?

I have 250 followers now.

I don’t know so many of you. Tell me things about yourselves, my dear followers!

Of the PERFECTION of My Students

So, this semester, I’ve been teaching two discussion sections for a large lecture course on British literature since 1800. I always play music appropriate to either our themes or time period as the students file into class. During our unit on Victorian literature, I used only music from Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Last week, their bonus question for their weekly quiz was to reproduce the entirety of Ezra Pound’s modern imagist poem, “In a Station on the Metro.” It’s only two lines. One student didn’t know the answer and instead wrote the entire first verse of “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General.” I DIED.

Of course, I have them the point.